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Steps to Awesomeness

At All Saints, we are wholly committed to character development and so we are proud to introduce you to our 'Steps to Awesomeness'.  Our Steps to Awesomeness programme, celebrated nationally as an example of Character Education, is an embedded part of life at All Saints and undertaken by every child.  Our steps, born out of well-being and character education research, are: Appreciation, Courage, Exercise, Goals, Kindness, Participation, Positivity and Service.  All of which are inextricably woven with our School Values: Love, Joy, Perseverance, Excellence, Respect, Equality and Community.  At the heart of our character education scheme, and inspired by Galations 5:22 'The Fruits of the Sprit', is our commitment to the ways in which we can all grow and ripen as individuals.

Celebrating Wider Achievement

Whilst the steps are monitored and signed off in school, our programme inspires children to become active citizens of both their school and wider community and therefore outside achievements are fully recognised.  Being an active member of the scouts, for example, will warrant achievement of the Participation Step or setting a personal target such as walking the dog or achieving a particular distance in a sporting activity will bring attainment of the Exercise Step.  Through this fluid approach, children are able to acknowledge and value wider progress beyond that of academic achievement and understand that character traits are transferable, lifelong skills.

Stepping our way to Awesomeness is an on-going, life journey - one that involves and celebrates personal challenge, character development, growth and achievement.  It is our aspiration that our children will feel inspired to live out our character building steps so that they may continue to shine and share, both now and as adults.

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Celebrated Success

Our programme was recently published as a case study in the Church of England’s paper on Character Education, The Fruits of the Spirit’.  The following was written, "The development of their non-academic gifts therefore enables them to “let their light shine” for the benefit of others, as well as themselves.  It is important to highlight that All Saints completely recognises that these values chime with all…and that the buy-in of parents into these values is key".

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How it Works

All pupils undertake the programme and ‘awesomeness’ is achieved through individual challenges, community participation and through our project based curriculum.  Each year, a special booklet is given to each child to record their own reflections and achievements in - with opportunities for creativity and individuality.  Upon completion of their eight steps and a final reflection/celebration of their achievements and challenges, children are awarded with a sew-on badge at the appropriate progressive level of either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Ruby 'All Saints' Red.  

To achieve a step, three examples should be collected and a personal reflection undertaken: to achieve Courage, for example, children are expected to trial something out of their comfort zone thus gaining the understanding that with resilience and bravery comes fulfilment.  

Steps to Awesomeness Booklet

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Steps to Awesomeness poster
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