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Lead Practitioners

Mrs G Martin      - Initial Teacher Training Co-ordinator (ITCo)

Mrs K Crawley    - Early Career Teaching Facilitator, French Co-ordinator

Year 3

Mr S Vincent       - Class Teacher,  Head of Year 3 and ICT Co-ordinator

Mrs L Willcocks  - Class Teacher, Curriculum Design Lead and

                                 Schools in Communities Project Lead

Mr S Tyrrell          - Class Teacher, PE Co-ordinator

Mrs C Manby       - Class Teacher

Mrs L Dane          - Class Teacher

Mrs R Jawahar    - Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 3SV

Mrs A Rich           - Teaching Assistant 3EW and ELSA

Mr J Attwood-Summers - Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 3ST and ELSA

Miss S Francis     - Teaching Assistant 3MD

Year 4

Mrs L Nowik          - Class Teacher, Head of Year 4 and English Co-ordinator

Mrs G Russell        - Class Teacher, RE Co-ordinator

Miss E Stevenson - Class Teacher, Maths Co-ordinator

Mr M Santana       - Class Teacher

Mrs T Ridley          - Class Teacher

Mrs L Clarke         - Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 4MS

Mrs G Little           - Teaching Assistant 4ES

Miss M Kakoulli    - Teaching Assistant 4GR

Mrs T Povey          - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Clarke         - Teaching Assistant 4KN

Mrs J Wills              -  Teaching Assistant 4ES

Year 5

Mr D Taylor          - Head of Year 5, Class Teacher

Mr A Douglas       - Class Teacher, Creative Development Lead,

  Art Co-Ordinator, Outside Learning Co-Ordinator

Mrs L Roke           - Class Teacher, DT Co-ordinator

Miss H Martin      - Class Teacher

Mrs K Douglass   - Class Teacher, History Co-ordinator

Mrs V Pulfer         - Class Teacher, Music Co-ordinator

Mrs A Fowles          - Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 5DT and

     Speech & Language Co-ordinator

Miss D Humphrys  - Teaching Assistant 5AD

Mrs L Neail              - Teaching Assistant 5RM

Mrs J Holland          - Teaching Assistant 5RM

Mrs S Threadgold  - Teaching Assistant 5DP

Mrs C Miles-Wynter-Pink  - Teaching Assistant 5DP

Year 6

Mrs K Howard       - Class Teacher, Head of Year 6 and

                                    Maths Tutoring Co-ordinator

Mrs C Barrett         - Class Teacher

Miss M Corrigan    - Class Teacher, Geography Co-ordinator

Miss E Grace           - Class Teacher

Mr J Patton              - Class Teacher

Mrs I Bryan             - Teaching Assistant 6EG

Miss A Roberts      - High Level Teaching Assistant 6MC

Mrs T Stone            - Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 6JP

Mrs L Price             - Teaching Assistant 6HB

Additional Teachers

Mrs L Stuart         - Class teacher and Science Co-ordinator

Mrs N Emery        - Class Teacher, PSHE Co-ordinator and Well Being Lead

Mrs L Cole             - Class Teacher

Mrs K Kingham    - Class Teacher, School Developmenty Lead,                                                                 Assessment Lead, NCETM Maths Specialist and PD Lead

Mrs R Neighbour - Class Teacher

Mrs H Sharp         - Class Teacher

Mrs J Mulcahy      - Class Teacher

Trainee Teachers

Miss A Lewis

Miss H Bowen

Mr J Riches

Additional Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Watts - Teaching Assistant Manager

Mrs J Williams

Miss J Hodge - ELSA

Mrs D Parry

Mrs J Lee

Mrs M Watts

Miss T Allen

Mr C Alden  

Miss E Turner

Miss S O'Donnell

Mrs G Alexander

Mrs D Roberts

Office Staff

Business Manager  - Mrs S Noble

School Secretary     - Mrs J Harrod

Admin Officer          - Mrs K Hughes

Office Assistant       - Mrs R Hall

Support Staff

Network Manager  - Mrs G Scott

ICT Technician         - Mr S Fry

Library Manager and ELSA     - Mrs C Paris

SENCo Assistant      - Mrs L Huck

Site Team

Site Manager      - Mr C Crellin

Site Assistant      - Mr J Scott

Cleaning Supervisor - Mrs J Boardman

Assistants            - Mrs A Powell, Mrs C Grey,

                                 Miss M Almeida, Mrs S O'Donnell,  Mr H. Karimi

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs R Hall - Lunchtime Manager

Miss R Thurlby

Mrs L Ross

Peripatetic Instrumental Music Teachers

Brass            - Mr Denman

Cello             - Miss MacDonald-Jones

Guitar           - Mr Barlow

Keyboard     - Miss Cheshire

Percussion  - Mr Jones

Singing         - Mrs Bowlam

Woodwind  - Mrs Ravenhill

Violin            - Mrs White         

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