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Year 3  
Mr S Vincent Head of Year 3 and ICT Co-ordinator
Mrs L Willcocks Curriculum Design Lead and Schools in Communities Project Lead
Mr S Tyrrell Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs C Manby  
Mrs K Crawley
French Co-ordinator
Year 4  
Mrs L Nowik Head of Year 4  and English Co-ordinator
Mrs G Russell RE Co-ordinator
Miss E Stevenson Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs L Dane  
Mrs N Emery PSHE Co-ordinator, Well Being Lead
Mrs K Kingham Head of Maths, Assessment Manager, NCETM Maths  Mastery Specialist Teacher and PD Lead
Year 5  
Mr A Douglas Head of Year 5 and Art Co-ordinator
Mrs L Roke DT Co-ordinator
Miss H Martin Art Co-ordinator
Mrs K Douglass History Co-ordinator
Mrs V Pulpher  
Mr D Taylor Music Co-ordinator
Year 6             
Mrs G Martin Head of Year 6 and English Co-ordinator
Mrs J Mulcahy PE Co-ordinator
Miss M Corrigan Geography Co-ordinator
Miss E Grace  
Additional Teachers    
Mrs L Stuart     Science Co-ordinator
Mrs C Barrett    
Mrs K Howard   Maths Tutoring Co-ordinator
Training Teachers
Mr J Patton
Miss B Cockram
Mr M Santana
Teaching Assistants  
Mrs B Watts: TA Manager  
Mrs J Williams Mrs I Bryan
Mrs A Fowles Mrs C Clifford
Miss A Roberts Mr C Alden
Ms D Humphreys Mrs R Jawahar
Mrs L Clarke Mrs J Boardman (cooking)
Mrs A Rich Mr J Attwood-Summers
Miss M Kakoulli  Mrs D Parry
Miss J Hodge Mrs T Stone
Mrs J Holland Mrs T Pytches
Mrs K Frances Mrs R Trembeth
Miss A Lewis Mrs M Watts
Miss T Allen Miss A Lewis
Mr J Rasmussen  

Administration, Library, Site Management and Assistance     

Business manager   Mrs S Noble
School Secretary Mrs J Harrod
Admin Officer     Mrs K Hughes
ICT Network Manager Mrs G Scott
ICT Technician Mr S Fry
Librarian & ELSA  Mrs C Paris
Site Manager Mr C Crellin
Assistant Site Manager Mr J Scott
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs J Boardman
Assistants : Mrs A Powell
  Mr A Hartley
  Miss J Lee
  Mrs S O'Donnell
  Miss T Allen
  Mrs C Grey
  Mrs M Almeida

Peripatetic Instrumental MusicTeachers

Violin Mrs Kershaw
Brass Mr Denman
Percussion Mr Askew
Woodwind Mrs Wicks
Keyboard Miss Cheshire 
Guitar Mr Barlow
Cello Mr Johnson
Singing Mrs Bowlam
Supervisory Assistants
Mrs R Hall : Lunchtime Manager
Mr C Crellin
Miss R Thurlby
Mrs C Grey
Mrs L Pooley


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