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Year 6 Spring Term

Are you ready to unveil the past and discover the hidden secrets of a time long ago?  A term filled with rich exploration as our Year 6 children embark on their spring term adventure ‘how can we solve the riddle of a vanishing civilisation’.  A project that sees the children travelling in time, uncovering the history of the Mayans as they delve deep into their time traveler book 'The Prophecy of the Mayans'.  A term filled with creativity, curiosity and challenge as the children race against time to unearth their puzzle and piece together secrets from the past.  Inspired by the film Jumanji and launched by a fantastic trip to Cadbury’s World, our Year 6 children are tasked with the job of creating an educational board game based on the Mayans.  Through their history based adventure, Year 6 will write their own time travel stories as they embark on their own journey of discovery.  Will they be able to solve the riddle in time…?    

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Year 6 Mayans 2022
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