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Year 3 Autumn Term

This term, our Year 3 children will be exploring our All Saints Value of Community, launched through their very first project ‘What Makes a Community Thrive’.  As the children embark on their very first learning adventure, they will investigate the meaning and importance of community – taking great inspiration from our friends in The Gambia whilst also thinking about the positive contributions they can make more locally.  We like to listen to all voices in our community and so, designed from popular demand, our children will then embark on a project specially themed around Dinosaurs – exploring whether they are ‘Gone For Good’!  As we begin to celebrate Christmas and at the end of their very first term, the Year 3 children will reflect on our school motto ‘Let Your Light Shine’ considering how they might bring light to those both far and near through their final project 'How Can We Light Up The World'.

Please scroll down to see an overview of each Learning Adventure:

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