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We are looking to recruit a parent to join our Governing Body

We are looking for people to join us on the next exciting part of the journey.  This is a great time to join the governors and to bring your energy to the team. The role of the governor is to be a key part of the strategic leadership of the school.

See the documents below for further information and the application form.

Governance has become increasingly central to school life. The Governing body has specific powers and duties, with a particular remit of helping schools provide the best possible education for their pupils by:

* ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

* holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance  of the school and its pupils, and the performance of its staff; and

* overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

All Saints is a Church of England school and its foundation governors are appointed by the Fleet Parish Parochial Church Council or the Diocese. In addition to the duties mentioned above, foundation governors have the role of upholding the Christian foundation of the school and encouraging mutually beneficial links between Church and school.

The FGB meets frequently and exercises many of its duties through the following Committees:   

  • Resources Committee (Joint Chair N. Evans and K. Deane)
  • Curriculum and Standards Committee (Chair A. Daniels)
  • Pay and Personnel Committee (Chair R Howard)

The reports detailing Governor's details, interests and attendance records can be found at the bottom of this page.

Governors in Action

Meet our Chair of Governors

Richard Buller

I was employed by Shell International as an intellectual property lawyer for over 35 years working in London, The Hague and Amsterdam.I have lived in Fleet for 41 years and both of my children received an excellent education at Fleet state primary and secondary schools.

I have been a Governor at All Saints School for over 3 years following serving as a member of the University of Reading’s governing body for 10 years. I was appointed a Governor by Fleet Parochial Church Council where I am Chair of Finance and a member of the Church Rebuilding Team. I enjoy sports and am a keen supporter of cricket and rugby.

I feel very strongly that the most important thing we can do is to provide our young children with a challenging education in a safe and loving environment.  As Governors we will do our best to ensure this is the case at All Saints School.

Meet our SEN Governor

Beryl Porter

I have lived in Fleet for 29 years and my four sons attended All Saints School. I have been involved with the school in various capacities during that time;  as a parent, a member of the parents association, a Staff Governor and an employee. 

My role in school was the TA Manager and, in 2014, I ran the Quiet Room which was created as a resource available to every child in the school, providing an alternative, quiet space where pupils can work independently or with support if needed. I became an Associate Governor at All Saints in September 2017 (after my retirement in July of the same year) and the Local Authority Governor as from  January 2018.  I am a member of the Curriculum committee and the Special Educational Needs Governor.

The long association I have had with All Saints has given me a great many opportunities to work with inspiring people, colleagues and children, and to feel part of a very special community.   I strongly believe in the All Saints philosophy that every child should feel happy and safe in school to enable them to make the most of their education, and as a Governor I will do my best to support the school in pursuing this aim.

Further Information

Click on the documents below to see the Governor and Committee details, Pecuniary Interests and attendance report.

Curriculum Exhibition for Governors

In the summer, our school councillors hosted a curriculum exhibition, talking to governors about our rich project based curriculum.

While the governors enjoyed looking at the project outcomes and listening to the experiences of our children, they reflected on the survey questions in the document above.

Meet our Foundation Governors

Jeremy Keep

I have been a foundation governor at All Saints School for many years and have a longstanding affection for the school and admiration for all that it has achieved through the excellence and dedication of the staff, past and present. It is a pleasure to be in school to experience the general happiness and relative calm of a very busy place.

I grew up locally in a farming family and since then have worked as a Chartered Building Surveyor in the private and public sectors in Farnham, Guildford and London and for the last 30-years, here in Fleet with my own architectural practice. 

All Saints Church has been a spiritual centre for me where I belatedly experienced the joy of singing; the church choir and also Fleet Choral Society and Waverly Singers. I am also part of the Church Building Group which is to help restore our church building to the quiet presence it has in the centre of our parish.

I retain a strong affinity with agriculture and architecture and enjoy the pleasures of walking our wonderful countryside, tilling the garden, art and music.

Our school strives to provide a balanced curriculum. It is a joy that the school can provides so well for special needs and that it can maintain high standards for all pupils and not neglect the spiritual needs, active sports and the performing arts. 

It is a privilege and honour to be part of our school.

Chantelle Gardner
I came to know (and love!) All Saints School as a parent and parent helper and when the opportunity arose to become a governor I was keen to become more involved in school life from another perspective.  Being a parent offered me a good insight into the workings from the school in a way that has enabled me to understand the background to the curriculum and life from a pupil’s perspective. 
I consider the curriculum at All Saints to be one of it’s key strengths as it provides rich opportunities for learning at a level that every child can access and explore further both in and out of school.
As a Foundation Governor, another area of particular interest to me is the Christian distinctiveness of the school and I enjoy being involved in the prayer and spirituality side of school life through, for example, the termly school prayer meetings.
I also hold the role of Development & Training Governor so would be delighted to be contacted by anyone who has skills to offer to our governing body or is interested in finding out more about what being a governor entails.
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