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Welcome to Year 5

Our vision statement in Year 5 is  Taking Responsibility

In Year 5, we are thinking about five ways we can take responsibility: Sharing and caring for our precious world... and beyond? Being an active, considerate citizen. Treating people with kindness and respect in our community. Working with others in our year group and celebrating the value of everyone. Becoming a motivated, independent learner.

To become responsible, we are learning to become aware of gaps in our own learning and how to fill them. As we develop, we are becoming more aware of how we can help to care for the world, and why it is important. To become considerate, we are learning how we respond to other people, taking the time to show we respect their effort, and developing our skills adding to the work of others, collaboratively. To become more independent, we are learning how to look for opportunities to improve our own learning, taking responsibility for how we are changing and maturing.


Year 5 became Victorian children for a few days. The day started with lining up quietly in very neat rows. After morning exercises we returned to our classrooms which were set up Victorian style - long rows of desks with boys on one side of the room and girls on the other. We had handwriting and maths lessons on chalkboards.  Our teachers were very strict and scary!


Victorian Workhouse 2019

As part of their historical enquiry ‘was the Victorian era a dark age or a golden age’, our Year 5 children have been reading ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.    Our Year 5 pupils experienced living like a street child when one of our classrooms was set up as a Victorian workhouse dormitory, complete with itchy bedding and eery sound effects!  Each child engaged with key events in the book and life in a Victorian workhouse through their very own diary entry – written by candlelight. 


Art Gallery 2019

At the end of their project ‘What is Art’  we held an art exhibition at Fleet Parish Community Centre, situated at All Saints Church.  We also got to walk to the church to admire our gallery and we heard about the new plans for the rebuilding of the church.

Kew Gardens June 2019

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