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Welcome to Year 5

Our vision statement in Year 5 is  Taking Responsibility

In Year 5, we are thinking about five ways we can take responsibility: Sharing and caring for our precious world... and beyond? Being an active, considerate citizen. Treating people with kindness and respect in our community. Working with others in our year group and celebrating the value of everyone. Becoming a motivated, independent learner.

To become responsible, we are learning to become aware of gaps in our own learning and how to fill them. As we develop, we are becoming more aware of how we can help to care for the world, and why it is important. To become considerate, we are learning how we respond to other people, taking the time to show we respect their effort, and developing our skills adding to the work of others, collaboratively. To become more independent, we are learning how to look for opportunities to improve our own learning, taking responsibility for how we are changing and maturing.

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