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Welcome to Year 4

Our vision statement is ROAR in Year 4:

Step up and let your voice be heard. Make your actions count!

By Year 4 we have already had a year settling into Junior School. Now we need to become:

Respectful, Open Minded, Appreciative and Resilient Learners, ready for Upper School.


Vikings and Saxons


Mr Fry, Mr Noble and Mr Attwood-Summers recreated the dragon scene from Beowolf. It was funny to see them dressed up and it really helped us with our creative writing.

We all took part in a play about the Vikings and Saxons. Throughout the day, each class practised a section of the play. At the end we put it all together. Great fun!


Here are some photos from our amazing trip to Minstead Study Centre in the New Forest.

We learnt about our fragile planet and how we can help keep it healthy by not using too much electricity and water, and not to waste food.

Our adventure walk through ditches, puddles and mud was great fun. Our guide told us lots of interesting facts about the plants and animals that live very happily together in the New Forest.

We know all about chickens and sheep and how to make compost cakes!

Where will everyone live?

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