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Welcome to Year 4

Our vision statement in Year 4 is Roaring Out Resilience:

Taking risks, learning from your mistakes and persevering through difficulty

Picking yourself up when times get tough and sticking with things when you’ve had enough

Where will everyone live?

Year 4 children led their very own ‘light switch on’ event as they officially opened their model villages – a celebration of their learning at the end of their project: where will everyone live? 

Over the past few weeks, our children have been learning about, designing and making eco houses – whilst engaging with the new housing development on Hitches Lane. 

The children have been working in role as architects, developers, environmentalists and estate agents – bringing all of their thoughts and learning together!  Our children have demonstrated such excellent team work as they’ve worked together, grappling with a range of viewpoints. 


Here are some photos from our amazing trip to Minstead Study Centre in the New Forest.

We learnt about our fragile planet and how we can help keep it healthy by not using too much electricity and water, and not to waste food.

Our adventure walk through ditches, puddles and mud was great fun. Our guide told us lots of interesting facts about the plants and animals that live very happily together in the New Forest.

We know all about chickens and sheep and how to make compost cakes!

Litter Pick

2018 - 2019

10p Sale

Year 4 have been learning about the water cycle and how important water is for all life.

We had heard that there was a tiny primary school in The Gambia that didn't have water so we held a fun packed afternoon of games and sales all costing 10p to raise money to get them water. There is a solar pumped well about 500 meters from the school and the money we have raised will pay for a deep channel to be dug and a pipe laid from the well to a tap.

This will mean the children can have fresh water to drink and they will also be able to grow vegetables in the school garden which is empty at the moment.

Water Cycle

Y4 sum 19 water 1
Y4 sum 19 water 2

Portrait Gallery

Animal Information Texts

On our Minstead trip we were given a wooden necklace with the name of a creature or plant written on. This was our very own Creature Teacher. 

We researched our creature and made informtion boards.


Viking Lunch

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