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Welcome to Year 3

Y3 Vision Statement – Growing Together, Growing Up

Being in Year 3 at All Saints means being an important member of an awesome community! With new teachers, friends and surroundings, there is a lot to look forward to. A fresh start at a new school can sometimes be daunting, but it also offers the opportunity to grow, try new things and take on exciting challenges. Growing up means more than just getting taller; it means becoming more independent, confident and caring, and helping others to achieve their best whilst persevering with personal challenges and targets. Through engaging learning adventures and fascinating school trips, Year 3 means working as a team and growing like never before. We won’t be the smallest in the school for much longer!

Gambian Market Place

We experienced two wonderful Gambian Markets. One where we were visitors - trying the clothes and food, playing drums and practising carrying baskets on our heads like Gambia women do at the market.  

At the next market we were the store holders. We had make a selection of beautiful Gambian gifts and sold them to the school. We made an impressive £213.70 which will go towards our project in The Gamia. 

2018 - 2019



We boarded the unsinkable ship Titanic and joined our fellow passengers in 1st, 2nd or 3rd class.

!st class passengers sipped on 'champagne' and enjoyed a delicious dinner (biscuits!) in luxury conditions. 2nd class had water and a standard meal whilst 3rd class went straight to their squashed rooms with bunkbeds.


Sea City Trip


Butser Farm

Garden Party

Gambian Market

Roman Day

Secret Garden Hook Event

Dinosaur Attack!

Outside we found a giant cracked egg and a nest. Then we discovered that something had got into our classroom and wrecked it!

It was a dinosaur!

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