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Drama and Dance

At All Saints, we are incredibly committed to the performing arts in all its forms.  We believe in the impact that Drama, Dance and the wider arts can have on children – providing those all-important opportunities to ignite the imagination and to provoke feeling and reaction.  For us, Drama and Dance are tools which enable our children to connect with and understand their curriculum content with a much greater depth of experience, engagement, empathy and emotion.  

Through our extra-curricular activities and school services, we also provide that opportunity for our children to grow and shine in various roles.  We believe that opportunities to perform to a live audience enlighten skills such as creativity and confidence – vital skills necessary for their future and our changing world.

Little Mermaid

Christmas Service

At All Saints, our children are provided with rich drama and dance experiences to further support their curriculum learning.  Just one example includes our ‘What is the Price of War’ hook day where classrooms are transformed and children are transported back to the reality of the WW1 battlefield trenches.  This example and opportunity to adopt and sustain a role brings further enrichment and impact to the diary and poetry writing that follows.  Through dance, children are further encouraged to take on wider roles and to experience different aspects of wartime. 

We are wholly committed to the national curriculum aims: that ‘to develop creative and imaginative writing, pupils should be encouraged to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles’.  Our project learning content encompasses ‘a range of opportunities for our children ‘to create their own improvised, devised and scripted dramas for each other and a range of audiences as well as to rehearse, refine, share and respond thoughtfully to drama and theatre performances’.

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