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Home Learning Provision 2 - 6th January

Dear Parents/carers

Just a quick update to say that we are now just awaiting the arrival of the new Learning Journals - which should be with us tomorrow morning and then I will let you know the timings and arrangements for the safe collection of the Powermaths books etc on Friday.  More details tomorrow.

Amongst the hive of activity that school has been, it has been wonderful today to log-on to See-saw and see the wonderful work that is already arriving on there.  I loved your Robins Year 3!  From Monday onwards See-Saw Home Learning videos will enable your child to have greater independence in their learning and will lead them through their sessions, with time to listen and time to work, as well as being flexible enough for you to organise your family days around.  On Friday, we will share Mr Vincent's 'How to' video which will tell you everything that you need to know.

I would also like to thank parents for contacting us throughout today about accessing technology at home - we will make sure you have a device ready for Monday.  If you are in a similar position with children sharing limited devices or with screens that are too small for working on then do get in contact with us through the school office.  We are determined to get every child continuing to make progress and enjoying our curriculum throughout this half term.  In order for us to offer a number of Live Sessions this half term, we really do want to get all of our children equipped over the next few weeks. Mr Lewis is planning a weekly live 'Football Chat Session' which no one is going to want to miss! (no adult participants - I'm afraid 😆)

That's all for tonight - keep well and safe at home & apologies for the evening emails!

Warmest regards and thank you as always for your continued support,

Tracey Brunton

Home Learning Provision - 5 January

Dear Parents/carers

The team are all now busy planning for both the in-school Critical Workers and for all the children who are going to be learning at home.  We are planning to deliver our planned curriculum for the first part of the Spring term with each Year group team planning for their children in school and at home.  In this way we can ensure that both English and mathematics are tightly focused for the needs of the children and maintain the excellent progress that we had already seen the children making.  For the next three days, the teams have released the Bitmoji classrooms onto See-saw which draws on the National Oak Academy materials.  Placed alongside of Times Table Rockstars, independent reading and the materials on DBPrimary this will take your child through to Monday.

During last year’s Spring and Summer terms All Saints was lucky enough to be chosen to work as part of the recording team for the National College for Excellence in the teaching of mathematics. This has enabled us to develop a highly skilled successful system of daily recordings for both mathematics and English which has provided an effective way for children to make progress and to work independently.  The National College have used a number of our materials for the Nation’s children and we know that the sessions work to support progress.  The See-Saw system has enabled all children (including those sharing technology at home with siblings) to access the learning flexibly to fit in with family needs and to continue to make good progress. 

On Friday we will send a ‘how it works’ video link via Parentmail where the team will outline for you/provide a reminder of how our provision will work again so you are ready for Monday.  As you know from the last term, See-saw is a very useable system that enables children to upload work and receive feedback from their teachers on a daily basis as well as enabling them to share with their class community.

Over the next five weeks we are also adding in Live sessions for children to access with their own teacher and Year group assemblies with Mr Lewis or I.  We will make sure these are at different times so that all children who are sharing devices can access them and no child is left behind. 

To ensure we are ready for these sessions to start on Monday and enable children to continue enjoying our rich curriculum projects we would like to send home:   Powermaths books, a small whiteboard for live sessions, editing and self-marking pens and a new Learning Journal for this half term.  I will send home timings and instructions tomorrow for how you can safely collect these materials.

Please remember that if children are sharing technology or trying to access online learning on a mobile phone, we do have a number of devices that we can lend to families.  Please do let us know.  We also have a fund available to us, which will enable us to contribute towards additional data for families if this is something that you are struggling with.  If you would also benefit from resources being copied for you then please do let us know via the Parent@allsaints-fleet.hants.sch.uk email address as See-saw starts.

I would like to thank you, your children and the wonderful teaching team for so quickly adapting to this new challenge.  We are heavy-hearted about not being together again and as a parent I keenly feel the sadness that the loss of school and friends brings, but I know that we will get through this once more.

Warmest regards as ever & keep safe,


Tracey Brunton


Tuesday 5th January

Dear Parents and Carers,

How a few hours can change the landscape! Earlier today I wrote to you explaining that school would be open as normal from tomorrow onwards. Following the 8pm announcement tonight, I have to confirm that from tomorrow (5th January) school will only be open to parents of children who are Critical Workers or vulnerable pupils. We will send out a Parentmail Form first thing tomorrow and would ask you to return it if you believe your child is eligible for one of these places. Places will be offered from Thursday onwards to enable us to put plans in place for staffing. However, if you are a Critical Worker and have immediate child care concerns for the next two days then please do call the school office. In the address given by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson made it very clear that children are potentially great transmitters for the new variant of the disease. Therefore, it is safer if you are able to keep your child at home. This means that if you are a Critical Worker and are not working, or one parent is not working, we urge you to keep your child at home.

For children who are not attending school, our Bitmoji classrooms will be uploaded onto See-Saw for remote learning for this week by lunchtime tomorrow. There will also be a video of how to operate the Bitmoji classroom. Tomorrow I will send you further information about when and how to collect the Powermaths books and other resources we would like you to have for the next phase of home learning. The team are busy planning to ensure that the excellent home learning that we enjoyed last time continues over the next five weeks. If you are likely to struggle with access to technology over this period of time, or with payment for WiFi then please do contact us as we are aiming to get all of our children online and engaging in their learning. 

For children who are eligible for Free School Meals, we will be providing vouchers and details of this will be sent out in the next couple of days.

The announcement, whilst not unexpected as the day went on, will again have led to a whole host of emotions for you and your child/ren. Please do remember, that as always, we are here for you and we will get through this! We will plan a whole host of things to look forward to keep spirits up alongside of well-being sessions. 

Anyway for now - sleep well and I will write again in the morning,

Tracey Brunton


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